River Blubber Jellyfish (Acromuitus Flagellantes)

River Blubber Jellyfish (Acromuitus Flagellantes)

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River Blubber Jellyfish

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River Blubber Jellyfish (Acromuitus Flagellantes) originate from coastal regions in the Indo-Pacific. It is the most commonly encountered jellyfish along the Australian eastern coast and large swarms sometimes appear in estuarine waters and in bays. The speckled colours are derived from pigment produced by the jellyfish.

There is no obvious mouth on the underside, but there are small openings on each arm through which food is passed to the stomach. The tentacles also have stinging cells that can capture tiny crustaceans and other plankton in its natural habitat. As with its distant relative, Blue Blubber, River Blubber jellyfish are self-propelling and require sufficient food to maintain that energy use.

The sting can be sometimes painful but generally poses no serious risk to humans.


Key Facts

Care Level Required 1-5: 3 Medium
Handling Experience 1-5: 2 Medium
Handling Dangers: Painful sting
Temperature: 20 - 26oC
Photosynthetic: No
Temperature: Feeding: Freshly hatched baby brine shrimp; Cubic Medusa Jellyfish Food
Anticipated Total Lifespan: 1 year
Maximum Bell Size: 30-45cm | 12-18 inches
Compatable Species: None


Jellyfish Size Guide

Our jellyfish are mainly young in age, giving you maximum lifespan from your livestock. These, we call juvenile. Depending on the breed, small jellyfish are often slightly older and have been brought-on in size. We do not currently supply medium and large sized jellyfish.

Sizes can be summarised as:
Juvenile: 2.5cm - 1 inch diameter across
Small: 8cm - 3 inches diameter across
Medium: 10cm - 4 inches diameter across
Large: 20cm - 8 inches diameter across


Keeping Jellyfish: download Cubic Guide to Jellyfish Husbandry


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