Buy Live Jellyfish

Buy Live Jellyfish

Leading UK Supplier of Live Jellyfish Stocks

Glass Ocean is pleased to supply not only the tanks, aquariums and accessories necessary to maintain happy, healthy jellies, but also live jellyfish themselves to private individuals and the trade.

There are a large number of jellyfish varieties, not all of which are suitable for aquarium life.  Indeed, some varieties should not be mixed as they may be predatory or carry a particularly vicious sting.  Please make sure the stocks you are buying are compatible with existing livestocks or those you intend to introduce in the near future.


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Red Cross Blubber Jellyfish Save £20 When You Buy 5 Red Cross Blubber Jellyfish Red Cross Blubber Jellyfish are a stunning relative to the more commonly kept Blue Blubber jellyfish, and like their cousin, are relatively easy to keep. This species is distinguished by their dome shaped bell with eight oral arms which look like cauliflowers. While Blue Blubbers are popular by their variety of colours from light blue to dark purple and burgundy, Red Cross Blubber jellyfish have a distinctive red marking across a lighter-coloured bell. Red Cross Blubbers are strong and active swimmers with a rhythmic pulse propulsion t..
Amakusa Jellyfish Save £20 When You Buy 5 Amakusa Jellyfish From the Pelagiidae family, the Amakusa Jellyfish is found in the Indian Ocean and the North Atlantic waters.  Though relatively easy to keep, Amakusa is considered something of an expert's species as its magnificent tentacles take some managing while handling and aquarium cleaning, and the tank should not be shared with other jellyfish varieties. The Amakusa jellyfish naturally grows to a maximum diameter of around 50cm with tentacle length of up to 1 metre, feeding on plankton, other jellyfish - especialy moon jellyfish, and brine shrimp. &nbs..
Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish Save £20 When You Buy 5 Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish Spotted jellyfish (or lagoon jellyfish) naturally inhabit quiet bays, harbours and lagoons of the South Pacific. They are easily distinguished by the white spots throughout their body and the eight appendages hanging down from oral arms. They are very popular in aquarium trades for their variation of colour, which are pale blue, green, pink, orange and yellow, on their semi-translucent body covered with white spots. Instead of single mouth, they have many small mouth openings on their oral arms, which capture small zooplankton. As they depend on the photosynthe..
River Blubber Jellyfish Save £20 When You Buy 5 River Blubber Jellyfish River Blubber Jellyfish (Acromuitus Flagellantes) originate from coastal regions in the Indo-Pacific. It is the most commonly encountered jellyfish along the Australian eastern coast and large swarms sometimes appear in estuarine waters and in bays. The speckled colours are derived from pigment produced by the jellyfish. There is no obvious mouth on the underside, but there are small openings on each arm through which food is passed to the stomach. The tentacles also have stinging cells that can capture tiny crustaceans and other plankton in its natural habitat. ..