Japanese Sea Nettle Jellyfish (Chrysaora pacificia)

Japanese Sea Nettle Jellyfish (Chrysaora pacificia)

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Japanese Sea NettleSpecialist Jellyfish Species to Order from Glass Ocean

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Also known as the Brown Sea Nettle, the Japanese Sea Nettle (Chrysaora pacifica) medusa are brown to orange in colour an can reach 60 centimeters in length with tentacles growing up to three metres. Brown Sea Nettle is commonly found in northern Pacific Ocean and adjacent parts of the Arctic Ocean.


Key Facts

Care Level Required 1-5: 5 High
Handling Experience 1-5: 5 High
Handling Dangers: Painful sting
Temperature: 13 - 18oC
Photosynthetic: No
Feeding: Freshly hatched baby brine shrimp; Cubic Medusa Jellyfish Food
Anticipated Total Lifespan: 1 year
Maximum Bell Size: 30cm | 12 inches
Compatable Species: None


To Order Specialist Jellyfish

Specialist jellyfish varieties require a greater degree of experience in handling and an aquarium set up appropriate to the needs of the livestock. In many cases, this means water chiller and a saltwater volume greater than the average domestic jellyfish aquarium. Please email us your requirements and we will use our network of sustainable jellyfish supplies to locate the specimen that's right for you.


Keeping Jellyfish: download Cubic Guide to Jellyfish Husbandry


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