Specialist Jellyfish: Exotic Live Jellyfish Species

Specialist Jellyfish: Exotic Live Jellyfish Species

Specialist Jellyfish: Exotic Live Jellyfish SpeciesSpecialist jellyfish species require experience and appropriate aquarium setup

For the more experienced aquarist, these wonderful and mysterious jellyfish demand experienced handling and, to cater for their individual needs and habits, must be kept in species-dedictated tanks.  However, the extra care is worth the stunning visual effect you will be rewarded with.

These species are available to order, and we must ask for evidence of previous experience and details of the jellyfish aquarium you propose to house the livestock in before we will accept orders.

We recommned the Cubic Pulse 280 as suitable size for these specialist exotic jellyfish varieties.

If you haven't previously kept jellyfish or maintained controlled aquarium set-ups, please also see our jellyfish varieties that are equally beautiful, yet somewhat easier to maintain.


More Information on Specialist jellyfish

For more information, please email us or telephone 0800 180 4408 with your enquiry.


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