Live Jellyfish

Live Jellyfish

Healthy, Sustainable Live Jellyfish

Glass Ocean is careful to source live jellyfish only from reputable breeders with whom we have an understanding and mutual knowledge.  We believe the health of jellyfish stocks is of utmost importance, and their care paramount.

Please do not buy live jellyfish without first establishing a jellyfish-specific tank that is conditioned with salted Reverse Osmosis water and prepared for jellyfish livestock.

Please also see our exotic jellyfish varieties that require a little extra care in handling and keeping, but the more experienced jelly keeper will be handsomely rewarded for their effort.


Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish Save £20 When You Buy 5 Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish Spotted jellyfish (or lagoon jellyfish) naturally inhabit quiet bays, harbours and lagoons of the South Pacific. They are easily distinguished by the white spots throughout their body and the eight appendages hanging down from oral arms. They are very popular in aquarium trades for their variation of colour, which are pale blue, green, pink, orange and yellow, on their semi-translucent body covered with white spots. Instead of single mouth, they have many small mouth openings on their oral arms, which capture small zooplankton. As they depend on the photosynthe..
River Blubber Jellyfish Save £20 When You Buy 5 River Blubber Jellyfish River Blubber Jellyfish (Acromuitus Flagellantes) originate from coastal regions in the Indo-Pacific. It is the most commonly encountered jellyfish along the Australian eastern coast and large swarms sometimes appear in estuarine waters and in bays. The speckled colours are derived from pigment produced by the jellyfish. There is no obvious mouth on the underside, but there are small openings on each arm through which food is passed to the stomach. The tentacles also have stinging cells that can capture tiny crustaceans and other plankton in its natural habitat. ..