Flame Jellyfish (Rhopelima esculentum)

Flame Jellyfish (Rhopelima esculentum)

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Flame Jellyfish

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Flame Jellyfish (Rhopilema esculentum - also falsely, Rhopilema esculenta) is a species of Rootmouth Jellyfish (order: Rhizostomae), bred on the East coast of China in large water tanks and released as young Ephyra jellyfishes in large quantities to boost stocks in the natural habitat.

The Rootmouth Jellyfish has a rounded, scalloped bell (head), and is sometimes found top down on the bottom of the sea or aquarium. It has highly branched, short tentacles, which resemble a complex root system. It has a sting, so care should be taken when handling it or while doing maintenance on the aquarium.


Key Facts

Care Level Required 1-5: 1 Easy
Handling Experience 1-5: 1 Low
Handling Dangers: None
Temperature: 20 - 26oC
Photosynthetic: No
Feeding: Freshly hatched baby brine shrimp; Cubic Medusa Jellyfish Food
Anticipated Total Lifespan: 1 year
Maximum Bell Size: 50cm | 20 inches
Compatable Species: None


Jellyfish Size Guide

Our jellyfish are mainly young in age, giving you maximum lifespan from your livestock. These, we call juvenile. Depending on the breed, small jellyfish are often slightly older and have been brought-on in size. We do not currently supply medium and large sized jellyfish.

Sizes can be summarised as:
Juvenile: 2.5cm - 1 inch diameter across
Small: 8cm - 3 inches diameter across
Medium: 10cm - 4 inches diameter across
Large: 20cm - 8 inches diameter across


Keeping Jellyfish: download Cubic Guide to Jellyfish Husbandry


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