Cubic Pulse Jellyfish Tank Starter Bundle

Cubic Pulse Jellyfish Tank Starter Bundle

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Great Value Jellyfish Starter Bundle 001

Cubic® Pulse 80 Litre + Moon Jellies + Food + Spare Filters

This fantastic jellyfish aquarium starter bundle brings you virtually everything you need to create your own slice of the jellyfish ocean.

With a great saving of over £80 on the component prices, there's no better way to start. This bundle includes:
» 1 x Cubic® Pulse 80 Litre Jellyfish aquarium incorporating:
     1 x Top cover panel
     1 x Top cover rear panel
     1 x Rear cover panel
     1 x Media tower assembly with lid and pump connection
     1 x Adjustable circulation pump
     2 x Carbon filter sponge inserts (pre-installed)
     1 x Removable LED light strip (pre-Installed)
     1 x Sealed power distribution box
     2 x Power distribution box retaining screws
     1 x Remote control for the LED lighting system (Requires 2 x AAA batteries - not included)
     1 x Set of male/female connector hose tail’s for chiller connection
     1 x Printed set up instructions
     1 x CD ROM containing set up instruction;
          jellyfish keeping guide;
          FAQ and Troubleshooting guidance;
          other useful information

» 6 x juvenile moon jellyfish
» 1 x Cubic® 40g jellyfish food
» 1 x Cubic® carbon filter replacement spare set



Little Else to Add...

With this superb jellyfish aquarium starter bundle, there's very little extra to add. However, before delivery, you should ensure you have:

  • - sufficient supplies of salted Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to fill and prime the 80 litre tank - available from all good aquarium retailers
  • - liverock media or a suitable filter material to assist water conditioning - again, available from all good aquarium retailers


Download Cubic Pulse 80 Set Up and User Guide

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