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Atlantic Sea Nettle Buy 5 Atlantic Sea Nettles jellyfish for £225 - saving £20.00 Temperature: 20-25oC Maximum bell size: 25cm | 10 inches Atlantic Sea Nettles are close species to the Pacific Sea Nettles but smaller, less colourful and easier to keep. They are white in whole body and don't seem to develop any colour in captivity. Wild Atlantic Sea Nettle can sometimes be found to be developing brown tips or stripes on their bells. They look great under colour changing LED lighting due to their creamy white body colour.   Key Facts Care Level Required 1-5: 2 Easy Handling Experience 1-5: 2 Easy Handling Danger..
Australian Spotted Jellyfish Buy 5 juvenile jellyfish for £155 - saving £20.00 Australian Spotted Jellyfish look similar to Lagoon jellies but have more small white spots throughout their body, and white tips on the top of their appendages. Originally distributed in Australian to Indo-Pacific Ocean but now spread to Gulf of Mexico and Hawaii. The body colour varies normally from oval to brown, often light blue to green. As Australian Spotted jellyfish are photosynthetic, they will need strong full spectrum light.   Key Facts Care Level Required 1-5: 2 Relatively easy Handling Experience 1-5: 2 Low Handling Dangers: ..
Made to Measure Jellyfish Aquarium Solutions Glass Ocean are delighted to have found a trusted source for bespoke jellyfish aquariums, made to measure for the space you have in mind. Whether it's your home, office, yacht, restaurant, or public space you manage, a uniquely fascinating display of jellyfish built into the landscape of your environment will add a sense of wonder and increase the aesthetic value of the space, and Glass Ocean and RedFin are the names to deliver.     Design, Delivery and Installation We will work with you to create the design that fulfills your needs and those of the jellyfish in a pr..
Replacement carbon filter sponges for Cubic® jellyfish aquariums. Fits the following models:    - Cubic® Pulse 80 Litre Filtering Recommendation We would recommend: -    - filter sponges are replaced every 12 - 16 weeks to ensure the best performance from the filtration system, optimise water quality and reduce the amount of aquarium cleaning required.    - both sponges are replaced at the same time   ..
Replacement jellyfish aquarium pump for the Cubic® Pulse 80 Litre Jellyfish Aquarium  Useful Information Capacity: 1 Litre Fits: Cubic® Pulse 80 Litre jellyfish aquarium ..
Jellyfish Holding Tanks - Useful Jellyfish Husbandry Addition Built to order,Cubic holding tanks are specially designed for the keeping of sales or breeding stock of Jellyfish. Their design allows for perfect conditions for the holding and displaying of Jellyfish, be that for retail display or breeding and maturing of most species of Jellyfish. Please ensure jellyfish held in this tank are compatible species. Standard sized jellyfish holding tank: Capacity: 17 Litres Dimensions (W x H x D): 340mm x 380mm x 210mm ..
Medusa™ Jellyfish Food This planktonic food for all jellyfish and filter feeding invertebrates offers a balanced feeding plan and meets the full nutritional requirements of most breeds. Particle Size: 100 - 350 microns   Feeding Instructions: - Mix a pinch of Cubic® Medusa™ Jellyfish Food with salt water from the aquarium and pour into the tank once or twice per day. - Blow the food if it sits on the tank bottom using a baster/pipette until all the food is caught by the jellyfish. - Clean any uneaten or undigested food accumulated on the tank bottom each day to prevent deteriorisation in tank water quality. Watch vi..
Changeable Colour Front Ring for Cubic Orbit 20 Jellyfish Tank The 20 Litre Orbit Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium brings together style, function and practicality all in a stunning O. These changeable front rings give you the option of replacing the as-shipped black front ring with another colour that better-suits the tanks's surroundings.   Replacement Display Rings Available in a Range of Attractive Colours The Cubic Orbit 20 jellyfish tank comes complete with a black front cover. You may choose to change the cover to one of these great colours to better-suit the tank's surroundings: - Ice White - Reef Red   ..
Special Species or Perfect Starter Desktop Jellyfish Tank The 23 Litre Orbit Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium brings together style, function and practicality all in a stunning O. Unlike anything else on the market, this affordable addition to your marine collection is already much sought-after. Buy today and display your jellyfish is the most innovative, quiet and attractive small aquarium you'll have ever seen. This must-have jellyfish tank is perfect for  - starting your jellyfish collection  - adding specialist species to a tank of their own  - the home, office, reception or classroom. Cubic® Orbit Range Feat..
Pulse 80 Generation 2 Jellyfish Aquarium Making jellyfish husbandry even more convenient and stylish, the second generation Cubic Pulse 80 jellyfish aquarium offers the sleek lines of its predecessor, with additional curve appeal and functionality for the very best desktop jellyfish habitat   Second Generation Cubic Pulse 80: What's New Improved access to electrical system for maintenance Improved water flow incorporating a weir for greater oxygenation Stylish design allowing 360° positioning in any location Design derived from many years Jellyfish keeping and tank building Cubic brand: a recognised name ..