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We're delighted to report the new availability of both Flame Jellyfish (Rhopelima esculentum) and Blue Blubber Jellyfish (Catostylus mosaicus).

These juvenile specimen bring an intriguing dimension to any jellyfish aquarium, though please do not mix the two varieties.


Flame Jellyfish

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Flame Jellyfish (Rhopilema esculentum - also falsely, Rhopilema esculenta) is a species of Rootmouth Jellyfish (order: Rhizostomae), is considered to be something of a specialist keeper's variety - and possibly a great addition to display in the new Cubic Orbit 20 jellyfish aquarium, set to arrive in the UK during July 2014.

The Rootmouth Jellyfish has a rounded, scalloped bell, and is sometimes found top down on the bottom of the sea or aquarium. It has highly branched, short tentacles, which resemble a complex root system. It has a sting, so care should be taken when handling it or while doing maintenance on the aquarium.

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Blue Blubber Jellyfish

Blue blubbers are also common species for jellyfish aquariums and relatively easy to keep. This species is distinguished by their dome shaped bell with eight oral arms which look like cauliflowers.


They are popular by their variety of colours from light blue to dark purple and burgundy. There are sometimes white and brown colour variants as well, which are thought to depend on the species of symbiotic algae living inside their body. Unlike Moon Jellyfish that are passive in the water flow, Blue Blubbers are strong and active swimmers with a rhythmic pulse propulsion.


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