Relaunch: Pulse 80 Jellyfish Aquarium from Cubic

Cubic Pulse 80 UK Relaunch - August 2015!

Yes, it's true.

Cubic Aquarium Systems' flagship jellyfish aquarium, the Pulse 80 83 litre desktop tank, is having a super-stylish makeover and technical improvement release!

With new styling that allows 360 degree positioning and a very cool illuminated branding to make this statement jellyfish tank the perfect addition to any home, office, work or leisure space, there's also step-change improvements under the hood to make tank servicing easier, and the life of the jellyfish a whole lot better.

The ultra stylish Cubic Pulse 80 Mk2 jellyfish aquarium

What's New?

  •   - Improved water flow incorporating a weir for greater oxygenation
  •   - New design allows easy access to electrical system for maintenance
  •   - Stylish design allowing 360o positioning in any location
  •   - Subtle illumination of the Cubic branding


Of course, the new design is derived from many years of jellyfish keeping and tank building; and the Cubic name has become synonymous with quality, functionality and putting the care of jellyfish front and centre of every aquarium design.


Yeah, but bet you've hiked up the price!

Oh no we haven't! Despite the technical improvements and sensational styling, the price of the new Pulse 80 remains the same as the previous version!


Pre Order the Pulse 80 Mk2

Contact us today to pre-order your new Pulse 80 Mk2 in either white or black finish and take delivery of the very first UK stocks as they arrive at the end of August.