Advice: Why Are My Jellyfish Shrinking?

Advice: Shrinking Jellyfish

One of the most common questions we are asked is, why are my jellyfish shrinking?

Blue Blubber Jellyfish are active and generally require more food then Moon Jellyfish​The only reason jellyfish will shrink is because they aren’t getting enough food.

Both in the wild and aquarium settings, jellyfish grow or shrink dependent on the food available.  All jellyfish need feeding daily with sufficient food to sustain them and the amounts eaten and frequency of feeding will depend on their natural abilities and habits.  For instance,  some species are more active than others - Blubbers are more energetic than Moons and require more food to compensate for that energy used.

With Moon jellyfish you can see that they have fed as their 4 stomachs - the four-leaf clover visible in their bell - will show full.

The amount of food required varies from species to species.  If in any doubt, please ask the feeding requirements of any jellyfish you buy before you order.

Please remember: 'little and often' is a good rule of thumb when feeding, and to offer jellyfish only the amounts of food they are likely to consume in one sitting. Too large a quantity will only lead to wasted food and more work to clean the aquarium.


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