TV Feature: Cubic Pulse 80 & Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish

Lisa Snowdon of Channel 4 TV Weekend Breakfast with Cubic Pulse 80

Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish Meet Lisa Snowdon

We were delighted to be asked along to Pinewood Studios today to be a small part of Channel 4's Weekend Breakfast with Waitrose TV show and feature the fascinating Spotted Lagoon jellyfish within their Pets in Tanks slot, covered by Mike Dilger.

The jellfish were naturals... live TV held no fear for them, and they showed no hesitation in warming to regular presenters Lisa Snowdon and Steve Jones, Mike Dilger, guest chef Nick Nairn and show guests Sahron Coor and comedian Richard Herring.

The Cubic Pulse 80 in white we featured looked stunning and showed the beauty of the jellyfish to their best. Here's a YouTube video link.

Thanks to all at Weekend Kitchen for making us feel so welcome and part of the family, albeit for one short morning