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Purple Striped Jellyfish now in stock!

Posted: 01/09/2017
We're delighted to introduce a stunning and graceful new variety of jellyfish to our range of livestock: Purple Striped Jellyfish (Chrysaora colorata)   Suited for a larger tank environment (we recommend no smaller than the Cubic Pulse 80), the Purple Striped Jellyfish has entrancing purple tentalces once grown to around 10cm in size that  make for a bright and appealing display. Contact us for more information or buy online today   ... more

Cannonball Jellyfish Now in Stock

Posted: 14/07/2017
::NEW IN :: We're delighted to offer for sale a new species variety - Cannonball Jellyfish. Normally found in most abundance in the southeastern United States and the Gulf Coast. They also inhabit the western Atlantic from New England to Brazil, the eastern Pacific from southern California to Ecuador, and the western Pacific from the Sea of Japan to the South China Sea.  Now they can be found in your jellyfish aquarium adding variety to the display!   ... more

Relaunch: Pulse 80 Jellyfish Aquarium from Cubic

Posted: 24/07/2015
Cubic Pulse 80 UK Relaunch - August 2015! Yes, it's true. Cubic Aquarium Systems' flagship jellyfish aquarium, the Pulse 80 83 litre desktop tank, is having a super-stylish makeover and technical improvement release! With new styling that allows 360 degree positioning and a very cool illuminated branding to make this statement jellyfish tank the perfect addition to any home, office, work or leisure space, there's also step-change improvements under the hood to make tank servicing easier, and the life of the jellyfish a whole lot better. What's New?   - Improved water flow incorporating a weir for greater oxygenation   - New design allows easy access to electrical system for maintenance   - Stylish design allowing 360o positioning in any location   - Subtle illumination of the Cubic branding   Of course, the new design is derived from many years of jellyfish keeping and tank building; and the Cubic name has ... more

Now Stocking Live Ghost Jellyfish and River Blubber Jellyfish Species

Posted: 12/03/2015
Enthralling New Jellyfish Species Now in Stock We're delighted to announce the arrival today of two fabulous new species to Glass Ocean: Ghost Jellyfish and River Blubbers.  Check out details on their product pages for more information on these amazing creatures and how best to care for them in your aquarium set up. Ghost jellyfish River Blubber Jellyfish ... more

Advice: Why Do My Jellyfish Keep Dying?

Posted: 10/03/2015
Why Do My Jellyfish Keep Dying? Thankfully not too common a question, but one that has recently been asked: why do my pet jellyfish keep dying? Clearly if jellyfish keep dying there is something amiss: and it is probably an underlying issue with tank management. Please review these primary factors that affect the health of jellyfish: Jellyfish Aquarium Water Parameters Whilst Jellyfish are more tolerant of water chemistry, they are sensitive to water salinity, PH and any water additives. Using an hydrometer, ensure water salinity reading is at 1025sg or 34-35ppt, and any water added during water changes is salted RO water that has been either bought as pre-mix or mixed at the correct salinity levels for at least 24 hours. PH should be in the 7.9 - 8.4 range Temperature should be 13 - 26°C - generally a degree or two below ambient room temperature negating the need for heating; though chiller attachment may be required if the ambient temperature regularly rises abov ... more

Advice: Why Are My Jellyfish Shrinking?

Posted: 10/03/2015
Advice: Shrinking Jellyfish One of the most common questions we are asked is, why are my jellyfish shrinking? ​The only reason jellyfish will shrink is because they aren’t getting enough food. Both in the wild and aquarium settings, jellyfish grow or shrink dependent on the food available.  All jellyfish need feeding daily with sufficient food to sustain them and the amounts eaten and frequency of feeding will depend on their natural abilities and habits.  For instance,  some species are more active than others - Blubbers are more energetic than Moons and require more food to compensate for that energy used. With Moon jellyfish you can see that they have fed as their 4 stomachs - the four-leaf clover visible in their bell - will show full. The amount of food required varies from species to species.  If in any doubt, please ask the feeding requirements of any jellyfish you buy before you order. Please remember: 'little and often' is a good rule of t ... more

Red Cross Blubbers Now in Stock

Posted: 14/02/2015
Red Cross Blubbers are here... We're pleased to announce the arrival of the beautiful Red Cross Blubber jellyfish for sale direct from stock. These fascinating cousins of the Blue Blubber display all the characteristics of the blue but with a blaze of red in the paler bell and tentacles. A must for Cubic Pulse 80 to add variety in the blubber collection; or an eye catching solo desktop display in the Cubic Orbit 20. Call today to find out more, or order direct from the Red Cross Blubber item page. ... more

TV Feature: Cubic Pulse 80 & Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish

Posted: 29/11/2014
Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish Meet Lisa Snowdon We were delighted to be asked along to Pinewood Studios today to be a small part of Channel 4's Weekend Breakfast with Waitrose TV show and feature the fascinating Spotted Lagoon jellyfish within their Pets in Tanks slot, covered by Mike Dilger. The jellfish were naturals... live TV held no fear for them, and they showed no hesitation in warming to regular presenters Lisa Snowdon and Steve Jones, Mike Dilger, guest chef Nick Nairn and show guests Sahron Coor and comedian Richard Herring. The Cubic Pulse 80 in white we featured looked stunning and showed the beauty of the jellyfish to their best. Here's a YouTube video link. Thanks to all at Weekend Kitchen for making us feel so welcome and part of the family, albeit for one short morning ... more

Beautiful Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish Now in Stock

Posted: 25/09/2014
We're delighted to bring you another exciting species of live jellyfish... Spotted (Lagoon) Jellyfish. These beautiful creatures are distinctively marked with white spots throughout their body and the eight appendages hanging down from oral arms. Native to lagoons and harbours of the South Pacific, these jellies look amazing in the Cubic Pulse 80 and Orbit 20 jellyfish aquariums that offer the full spectrum of light the variety demands. We love them!   ... more

Cubic Orbit 20 Jellyfish Tank Release Date

Posted: 11/07/2014
We're delighted that Cubic Aquarium Systems have confirmed UK stocks of the new desktop Orbit 20 jellyfish tank will land in the UK on Monday 21 July, with first availability for customer shipment being approximately Friday 25 July! This model is sure to excite.  All the preview reports are positive for this eagerly awaited launch and the enquiries file for the Orbit 20 is already packed. We have notified all our clients who have pre-ordered and registered interest and will be fulfilling their orders first from our initial stocks before releasing on general sale, so pre-order yours today to avoid disappointment.        Orbit 20 Desktop Jellyfish Tank Specification Model: Orbit 20 Colours: Black as standard with optional extra rings to select preferred colour Total volume: 23 Litres (6 Gallons) Dimensions: 380mm x 380mm x 205mm (15" x 15″ x 8″) Maximum number of jellies: up to 10 juvenile (2.5cm/1″) or 3 Small ... more

Flame & Blue Blubber Jellyfish Now Shipping

Posted: 02/07/2014
Buy Live Flame Jellyfish and Blue Blubber Jellyfish   We're delighted to report the new availability of both Flame Jellyfish (Rhopelima esculentum) and Blue Blubber Jellyfish (Catostylus mosaicus). These juvenile specimen bring an intriguing dimension to any jellyfish aquarium, though please do not mix the two varieties.   Flame Jellyfish ​ Flame Jellyfish (Rhopilema esculentum - also falsely, Rhopilema esculenta) is a species of Rootmouth Jellyfish (order: Rhizostomae), is considered to be something of a specialist keeper's variety - and possibly a great addition to display in the new Cubic Orbit 20 jellyfish aquarium, set to arrive in the UK during July 2014. The Rootmouth Jellyfish has a rounded, scalloped bell, and is sometimes found top down on the bottom of the sea or aquarium. It has highly branched, short tentacles, which resemble a complex root system. It has a sting, so care should be taken when handling it or while doing maintenance on ... more

Free Shipping - Now on Orders of Just £150

Posted: 12/06/2014
Free Shipping Threshold Reduced As part of our ongoing efforts to make setting up and keeping jellyfish more affordable, we're delighted to announce the minimum order value for UK mainland free shipping has been reduced from £175 to £150. So not only does Glass Ocean bring you the best in live jellyfish livestock and jellyfish aquarium technologies at competitive prices, it's never been easier or more affordable to have it all delivered to your door! ... more

Moon Jellyfish Price Reduction

Posted: 10/06/2014
Buying Live Moon Jellyfish Just Got Cheaper! Great News! As a direct result of our increased holding facilities, we've been able to reduce the price of our Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) in what we hope is just the first stage of making jellyfish husbandry even more appealing and affordable. As a result, our fabulous jellyfish aquarium bundles have been repriced and/or rebooted to include more live jellyfish - so now's the perfect time to order that Cubic Pulse 80 or pre-order the amazing Orbit 20 that recently had the Interzoo trade event buzzing! Get in touch today and let us know how we can help you enjoy the wonders of jellyfish keeping. ... more

Cubic Pulse 80 Jellyfish Tank Back in Stock

Posted: 14/05/2014
We're delighted to have back in stock the amazing Cubic Pulse 80 jellyfish aquarium. Available in both white and black acrylic finishes, the Pulse 80 sets the standard in jellyfish husbandry. Check out our live jellyfish aquarium bundle deals for the very best in value. ... more

Cubic Orbit 20 Jellyfish Aquarium Price Confirmed

Posted: 27/03/2014
Hot Off the Press! Cubic Orbit 20 The Cubic Orbit 20 jellyfish aquarium has confirmed price of £249.99. The perfect starter tank for moon jellyfish, blue blubbers and more specialist species, it's ultra-quiet and has a compact desktop footprint: perfect for the home, office, reception or classroom. Set for launch in late May this year, Glass Ocean have stocks during the first week of June. Pre-order your Orbit 20 jellyfish aquarium today with just a 10% deposit to make sure you have one of the first into the country ... more

Follow Glass Ocean for all things jellyfish...

Posted: 22/03/2014
Glass Ocean Facebook, Twitter and Google+ We've been asked for a while why we weren't sharing our news and views in the Twittersphere and on Facebook. Well, you've asked for it! We've put our very best technical know-how to the test and are now sharing news via: Twitter Facebook Google+ Please Follow Us We'd be delighted if you could follow us, like us and/or +1 our pages, and share what you like to spread the word: jellyfish are the must-have addition to any home, school, office or restaurtant. ... more

Cubic Orbit 20 Jellyfish Tank Launch Date

Posted: 17/03/2014
Latest Innovation in Jellyfish Aquarium Launched May 2014 CubicAquarium Systems have announced launch of an exciting developemnt in jellyfish keeping... the Orbit 20. Ideal for newcomers to jellyfish, or as an additional tank for keeping separate incompatible species, the Orbit 20 jellyfish aquarium is a simply stunning design that incorporates lighting, filtering and media in one plug and play unit. With changeable covers to suit your preferred colour scheme, Orbit 20 is small enough for most homes, offices, reception areas and classrooms; and with a 23 litre capacity will comfortably house up to 10 juvenile (2.5cm/1″) or 3 Small (8cm/3″) jellyfish. The first pre-sales have already been made on the basis of this great Cubic Orbit 20 jellyfish aquarium preview video released only a couple of days ago, so with an anticipated RRP of £249, Orbit 20 is an affordbale introduction to jellies and we expect a huge amount of interest from both marine and cold water enthusiasts a ... more

Full Range of Cubic Jellyfish Aquarium in Stock

Posted: 08/02/2014
Glass Ocean is delighted to be authorised to sell the range of Cubic Aquarium Jellyfish tanks, accessories and feeds.  Buy with confidence today with free shipping to UK mainland on all orders over £175. Jellyfish Tanks In Stock Cubic Pulse 80 Jellyfish Tanks Made to Order Cubic Pulse 280 Cubic Small Jellyfish and Invertebrates Holding Tank - 17 litres Cubic Medium Jellyfish and Invertebrates Holding Tank - 35 litres Cubic Large Jellyfish and Invertebrates Holding Tank- 95 litres Jellyfish Tanks to Pre-Order Cubic Orbit 20 - launched May 2014   ... more