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Our aim to is to give total customer satisfaction, from the product information and jellyfiosh husbandy advice we provide on our website, to the service provided when a customer has felt able and confident to make a purchase.


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Feedback on our products and service is always welcome. Good feedback is appreciated and valued, but equally so is telling us where we can improve.

We'd be grateful if Glass Ocean customers would give us feedback in any number of ways:

1. By reviewing the product purchased on the web site's item page:
   i. Alongside the product description, you'll see a Reviews tab
   ii. Click that tab and write your own review in the form provided.
   iii. Please only leave genuine reviews of product you own.

You may review a product directly on the product page

2. By sending us your testimonial by email. If it's okay with you, we'll quote your comments here on the website and maybe on other literature too (but we never publish any poersonal information about you).

3. By reviewing us on Google+. Again, please only post genuine reviews of your experience with us and the products we supply.

Thank you for your contribution and support.


What Customers Have Previously Told Us...

We bought a Cubic Orbit 20 from Glass Ocean for Tilly, my 15 year old daughter's birthday. The setting up gave us a couple of small issues and Alan was instant in not only giving us the advice we needed but supplying without any question the replacement parts. Once the Jellies arrived we had a problem with the first batch of Moons and they all died - I have no doubt this was down to a mistake I may have made but Alan stood by us and helped us through this period so that there was minimal disappointment for our daughter. As a real bonus he sent us a new batch of Red Cross Blubbers which I believe are the first in UK and with his help and advice these appear to be settling in nicely. I cannot recommend Alan or Glass Ocean too highly - he provided a magnificent and professional service and we are now beginning to settle into the enjoyment of owning these wonderful animals - I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Glass Ocean - this is a truly great experience!  Mr S. Cheshire UK   February 2015


"We are very pleased with our new [Cubic Orbit 20] tank, and would like to thank you for your very good customer service and making this process as easy as possible."  Mr H. SE London UK  July 2014


"Just wanted to leave a few words to recommend the excellent service I received from Glass Ocean last week. I ordered some moon jellyfish via the website (which was very simple to do) late on Monday and within an hour I’d received both an e-mail and text message confirming when my jellyfish would be delivered (which would be 2 days later on the Wednesday). I also had the option to change my delivery date to a more suitable later date.
"On the day of delivery the courier sent me a 1 hour window of when I could expect delivery, which was great because I could plan my day around that hour. And the delivery was made within 20 mins of the start of that window.
"The jellyfish were all in excellent condition, within robust packaging which protected them during transit.
"I’ve also found Alan at Glass Ocean to be extremely helpful in the post-sale period, as with me being a first-time jellyfish owner I had quite a few questions about best practise etc.
"I highly recommend Glass Ocean to all prospective buyers and I would have no hesitation in using them again – and I plan to do so in the near future."
  Mr C. SE London UK  June 2014


"I am completely new to keeping marine creatures and all the great advice you gave has given me the confidence to try jellyfish. We've only had the Cubic 80 up and running for 2 days and it's already something of a draw for the children's friends (and their parents!). We love the mood lighting it brings to our lounge in the dark evenings and the movement of the moon jellyfish really is, as you say, mesmerising. Thank you for your patience and after-sales support. We are recommending you to everyone."  Mr J. Wellingborough UK  June 2014


"The Cubic [Pulse 80] jellyfish aquarium you supplied is even more stunning in real life than in the brochure pictures, and your service was outstanding. Thanks."  Mrs V. Liverpool UK  April 2014


"Wow! This [Cubic Pulse 80] jellyfish tank is the dogs whatsits and the fact it arrived less than 12 hours after we ordered it is just... wow!"  Mr M. SE London UK  March 2014