Cubic Pulse 80 Second Generation  Jellyfish Aquarium

Cubic Pulse 80 Second Generation Jellyfish Aquarium

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Brand: Cubic Aquariums
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Pulse 80 Generation 2 Jellyfish Aquarium

Making jellyfish husbandry even more convenient and stylish, the second generation Cubic Pulse 80 jellyfish aquarium offers the sleek lines of its predecessor, with additional curve appeal and functionality for the very best desktop jellyfish habitat


Second Generation Cubic Pulse 80: What's New

  • Improved access to electrical system for maintenance
  • Improved water flow incorporating a weir for greater oxygenation
  • Stylish design allowing 360° positioning in any location
    • Design derived from many years Jellyfish keeping and tank building
  • Cubic brand: a recognised name for top quality equipment


All You Need To Know...

From the Cubic® flagship Pulse range of jellyfish aquariums for those who are serious about keeping jellyfish.

These are some of the common specifications of this range:
 - Made of high quality cast acrylic, hand formed and polished
 - Tested with over 10 species of jellyfish
 - Connections allowing you to attach an external chiller (important for keeping cold water species)
 - Built in RF controlled multi colour LED lighting system with stylish touch remote
 - Available in black or white


This 76 litre desktop jellyfish tank offers simple plug and play jellyfish husbandry with all necessary functions integral to the design.

Only need to add:
 - liverock or filter medium for water conditioning
 - Reverse Osmosis (RO) salt water
 - jellyfish
 - external chiller - only where operating in environments consistently warmer than 22-24oC


Download Cubic Pulse 80 Set Up and User Guide

Included in the Pulse 80 Box

1 x Cubic® Pulse 80 Litre jellyfish aquarium
1 x Top cover panel
1 x Top cover rear panel
1 x Rear cover panel
1 x Media tower assembly with lid and pump connection
1 x Adjustable circulation pump
2 x Carbon filter sponge inserts (pre-installed)
1 x Removable LED light strip (pre-Installed)
1 x Sealed power distribution box
2 x Power distribution box retaining screws
1 x RF Remote control for the LED lighting system
1 x Set of male/female connector hose tail’s for chiller connection
1 x Printed set up instructions
1 x CD ROM containing set up instruction;
     jellyfish keeping guide;
     FAQ and Troubleshooting guidance;
     other useful information



Product Specifications

Construction: 100% Cast Acrylic; 10mm thick external frame
Filtration system: In-built mechanical and biological
Lighting: In-built colour changing LED with RF remote control
Volume: 76 Litres (20 Gallons)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 600mm x 600mm x 270mm
Pump: Sicce
Power Consumption: approx. 25 Watts
Houses: up to 10 medium jellies (10cm/4" ⌀)
External Equipment Connections: Chiller; Filtration


Cubic Pulse 80 Instruction Manual

The Cubic Pulse 80 User Guide is packed full of information useful to know before you buy as much as during set up and day-to-day running. Read or download the Pulse 80 instruction manual before you buy and you'll be fully prepared and know what to expect when the box is delivered and ready for unpacking.


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