Bespoke Jellyfish Aquariums by RedFin

RedFin Aquarium Design for Bespoke Jellyfish Aquariums

Made to Measure Jellyfish Aquarium Solutions

Glass Ocean are delighted to have found a trusted source for bespoke jellyfish aquariums, made to measure for the space you have in mind.Bespoke jellyfish aquariums by Glass Ocean and RedFin

Whether it's your home, office, yacht, restaurant, or public space you manage, a uniquely fascinating display of jellyfish built into the landscape of your environment will add a sense of wonder and increase the aesthetic value of the space, and Glass Ocean and RedFin are the names to deliver.



Design, Delivery and Installation

We will work with you to create the design that fulfills your needs and those of the jellyfish in a process that might take 14 days. We will then typically install and stock the bespoke aquarium in a timescale of 18 weeks from design sign-off, making the whole process as swift as possible while maintaining highest standards of build quality from RedFin expertise.

On installation, aquariums are moved into position and filled with salt water by our appointed teams and left running without livestock for period of at least one week before to ensure the water parameters have stabilised and any jellyfish introduced will thrive.




Jellyfish to Display

The beauty of an expansive aquarium lies not only in its form and build, but the jellyfish breeds that can be displayed in all their stunning splandour. From the exquisitely passive Moon Jellyfish, to the seductively dangerous tentalcles of Sea Nettles, the perfect variety of jellyfish livestock can be supplied to make the aquarium come alive.

For introducing livestock, we will supply an aquarium specialist who will spend three days on location. The specialist will arrive one day before the livestock to complete the commissioning of the aquariums and make any adjustments necessary for the introduction of live animals. The aquarium specialist will be on hand to oversee the acclimatization and introduction of the jellyfish and spend one further day on site to ensure they settle into the tank and that there are no complications.



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To learn more about the possibilities of made to measure jellyfish aquarium solutions produced bespoke to your needs, please contact our team of jellyfish specialists to discuss your project.