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Aquarium Accessories, Spare and Replacement Parts

In addition to marine habitats and jellyfish aquariums, Glass Ocean is pleased to stock a range of spare and replacement parts for the Cubic® jellyfish aquarium range.


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Replacement carbon filter sponges for Cubic® jellyfish aquariums. Fits the following models:    - Cubic® Pulse 80 Litre Filtering Recommendation We would recommend: -    - filter sponges are replaced every 12 - 16 weeks to ensure the best performance from the filtration system, optimise water quality and reduce the amount of aquarium cleaning required.    - both sponges are replaced at the same time   ..
Rubber O-rings are used to seal component joints to prevent air intrusion that can affect filtrationperformance. It is not necessary to routinely change O-rings as part of your Cubic® jellyfish aquarium maintenance, and Cubic® Aquarium O-rings are designed and manufactured with longevity in mind, but in time you may need to replace an O-ring to re-establish optimum performance from your aquarium.   Replacement O-Ring Variants Filtration Tower O-rings: 90mm (top) & 100mm (bottom) Filtration Pump O-ring: 20mm ..
Changeable Colour Front Ring for Cubic Orbit 20 Jellyfish Tank The 20 Litre Orbit Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium brings together style, function and practicality all in a stunning O. These changeable front rings give you the option of replacing the as-shipped black front ring with another colour that better-suits the tanks's surroundings.   Replacement Display Rings Available in a Range of Attractive Colours The Cubic Orbit 20 jellyfish tank comes complete with a black front cover. You may choose to change the cover to one of these great colours to better-suit the tank's surroundings: - Ice White - Reef Red   ..