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Glass Ocean brings you closer to the wonders of the underwater world with easy to set up and maintain jellyfish aquariums, accessories and many varieties of jellyfish livestock to bring your private ocean to life.

We aim to provide the perfect living environment for your jellyfish, simply.

Modern, elegant and stylish plug-and-play jellyfish tanks allow any home, workplace and public space to enjoy the mesmeric attraction of jellyfish.

Jellyfish are fascinating and easy to maintain with our superb range of Cubic jellyfish-specific aquariums: designed in the UK with a focus on style, functionality and performance.  Cubic jellyfish aquariums are hand finished products, setting a new standard in the aquarium industry and an eye-catching piece of contemporary furniture suited to most living, socialising and work spaces.


Glass Ocean: for live jellyfish, Cubic jellyfish tanks, jellyfish supplies, jellyfish food and marine habitat accessories in the UK.




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